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Not sure if outsourcing your rehab department services to RCOE makes sense? Here are a few ways RCOE helps you through outsourcing.

1. Reduce Your Overhead

RCOE hires, manages and pays our staff. We make the capital investments in equipment, software and marketing to ensure the clinic has everything it needs to succeed.

2. Eliminate Staffing Shortages

RCOE operates locations in the greater Houston area, each with a highly trained staff of physical, occupational and speech therapists. If a staffing emergency arose at a clinic we can easily shift resources to eliminate scheduling disruptions.

3. Proactive Recruiting Efforts

In addition to having a dynamic team of therapists we are also always recruiting and seeking new therapists to join our team. As a growing business, it is in our best interest to seek the best and you can rest assured knowing that we are constantly recruiting talent for your facility.

4. Staffing

We understand there is more to running a clinic than being good at physical therapy. Our team has the skills and expertise needed to effectively manage a physical therapy clinic. We’ve spent the time and effort to develop a methodology for our practices that makes them profitable and positive for our patients.

5. Direct Access to Specialists

RCOE has a wide range of specialists available to treat unique cases. Our own team has a cardiologist, board certified physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, statistician and other specialists needed to offer a complete range of therapy.

6. Increase Customer Satisfaction