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    We are continuously vigilant in understanding and meeting all aspects of state and Federal requirements to deliver an extraordinary rehab program. Read More...


RCOE’s full-service contract therapy model offers a turnkey solution to clients who prefer to outsource their rehabilitation services.

We excel in finding the potential in every patient. Through motivation, inspiration, and our caring spirit we help mend and strengthen each resident. We have a unique and proprietary outcome evaluation program that monitors progress and provides meaningful data to the therapy team so that each resident can reach their highest potential. This, in combination with our interdisciplinary team helps takes the centers we serve to the next level.

Let the RCOE team parlay our expertise and proven systems – perfected over more than a decade across a full range of facilities with disparate needs – to create a signature Therapy Department noted for excellence and infused with vitality. Our exclusive focus on your rehabilitation delivery will allow you to channel your concentration and resources on building an optimum healthcare facility. Now, more than ever, as the interdisciplinary approach to the rehabilitative process is deemed critical, you will benefit from RCOE’s best practices successfully implemented in therapy programs of all acuity levels and sizes.

Our use of state-of- the-art therapy technology fosters excellent interdisciplinary communication, keeps therapy management well-informed, and optimizes documentation, compliance, clinical outcomes and fiscal management. We will supply the Virtual Rehabilitation system, a computerized patient-tailored gaming system that not only integrates movement for rehabilitation in a fun way, but also provides data that can be stored on the server and retrieved by the therapists for comparison and outcome reporting.  See the Virtual Rehabilitation website at http://www.virtualrehab.info/?gclid=CNSXwZ3N2LwCFcY7MgodOyUA6w

Perhaps one of the most attractive attributes of this model is the ability to rely on RCOE to recruit, hire, and manage therapy staff that can fluctuate based on census. By entrusting us with the management and staffing of your rehab program, we shoulder the strategic and operational responsibilities, thus mitigating risk in today’s regulatory environment.

We are continuously vigilant in understanding and meeting all aspects of state and federal requirements to deliver an extraordinary rehab program.